"Sales tips I’ve learned waiting tables"...

04. 03. 2019

Today we feature as a 1st post Jean-Michel Omnès' analogy on working as a server and being a sales rep. Jean-Michel is our new sales development guy here at Rizlly. Feel free to reach him direct at +420 702 235 530 or write him at:

"In my early years, I worked – a lot – in the food and beverage industry, pacing the floors of many restaurants. If you live in the Seattle area, or in Prague, Czech rep., chances are that I might have waited on you! Carrying your favorite food from the kitchen to your table has taught me a few valuable tips about sales – and life in general…

But let us focus on the sales part. Working as a waiter is a lot like being a sales rep, which is a lot like being your own entrepreneur. The more you sell, the better the payback…and the fatter the paychecks. Yes! Personal income increases exponentially with one’s customers satisfaction level. 

In order to be successful, creating a work ethic and respecting certain rules are keys to winning the game. You might have heard this one before: Selling is a (fun) game!

  • First and most of all: Love what you sell. Start your journey by finding the one product that’s the most appealing to you – there’s always one - and learn to love it. Keep in mind that If YOU are sold, selling it comes as a breeze. Practice selling it and move on to other items on your menu… 
  • Take ownership of your project (or of your table)Take responsibility for your acts. It is never the kitchen’s fault, it is never the supplier’s fault. In short, don’t deliver it if it does not match your own expectations…Don’t ever run off in front of difficulties. 
  • Communicate: Listen, be articulate and most of all, ask questions. Understand your party’s needs, or even better… anticipate them. You will subtly open the golden gates to upselling (same family product but made of superior quality), or cross-selling (coffee with your apple pie?). And…
  • Be an expert: Know the type of coffee you are cross-selling, know its blend, its roast, know its origin and on which mountain it grew, know the farmer’s name who picked it. Tell stories! Create needs!
  • Use active psychology: Take the lead and be the guide, the mentor, the guru! Pick items for your table/party/clients! They will project themselves with the stuff, whatever it is you are selling... 
  • Always be clean, personable and friendly: For obvious reasons…

These are just a few no-brainers I’ve learned. If you follow them, you are on your way to securing revenues and making lots of people happy: Your bosses, your clients, your banker and… yourself! 

And one last thing, that I am throwing in at no extra charge to you: If they keep on buying, keep on selling!"

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